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Large Animal Rescue

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Horse Courses Online
Click on the course title: Equine Safety and Rescue.
Teaches basic information needed to ensure your horse gets the best and safest help possible, including the protocol for interacting with emergency responders. Students who complete the course earn a Certificate of Achievement or college credit toward a Bachelor of Science degree from Breyer State University


Assessing sheep after a fire --from Australia

Horse Talk This New Zealand site is VERY LAR-friendly

LAR Australia Mary Anne Leighton's new LAR book for "down under" on sale here

Dangerous trailers website

National Association of Trailer Manufacturers website. Working to make trailers safer. You can order your copy of their handbook, a guide to understanding trailers and towing safety, on the site. A MUST for anyone hauling a trailer.

US Rider
The premier roadside assistance program in the US

Very active in the Large Animal Rescue field and their site contains many great articles on trailering

Missouri Emergency Response Service
MERS is a team of highly trained men and women who provide large animal rescue help throughout Missouri and Ilinois.
All services are free and expenses are covered by donations. MERS owns a substantial amount of specialized technical large animal rescue equipment, including a trailer; trained specialists include members who are swiftwater rescue certified and scuba dive certified. MERS is a non-profit and donations can be made through the website


Häst, PSC
Distributor of the Becker Sling
Look for Dr. Kathleen Becker at TLAER trainings. Dr. Becker was a contributor to the book, Save Your Horse! A Horse Owner's Guide to Large Animal Rescue by Michelle Staples

RSL Fiber Systems
Remote Source Lighting technology involves generating light in one location and then transporting that light for use in one or more other remote locations

Large Animal Rescue Glide Equipment
Manufacturer of high quality Custom Rescue Glides. From the smallest to the largest animals, they will custom fit your GLIDE to your specific needs. Ben McCracken says, "After 10 yrs of manufacturing the Glides, we've never had a single one to break."

MFC Survival Ltd.
Manufactures safety, survival and rescue products that include a range of animal rescue equipment; enabling the Fire and Rescue Service to handle situations safely and quickly with minimal distress to the animal
The MFC Animal Rescue Path was developed to provide a compact and lightweight solution for rescuing animals which are trapped in mud. The path is fully inflatable and has a smooth upper surface providing a flexible, obstruction free platform making it easier and safer to manoeuvre the animal.
The MFC Mud Lance is used to loosen the mud around the animal enabling it to be rescued. Using either water or air, the Mud Lance will overcome the suction from the mud, allowing the animal to be rescued safely and quickly and is a vital part of any animal rescue kit.
Located in the UK

Anderson Sling
The official site of Care for Disabled Animals Inc. (CDA Products), home of the Anderson Sling, as well as other rescue equipment.

For information on the US distribution of RANDY go to his FACEBOOK PAGE

This mannequin is fully articulated and stands on its own. The company is located in Wales.
telephone: +44 (0) 1938 558888
Owner, Paul, says, "The preferred colour is now white for a number of reasons, in particular, because this colour minimises heat build-up if the horse is left out in the sun, the precise position of slings etc. can clearly be seen against a white background (important when training) and it looks most impressive when it has just been hauled out of a mud hole"

This "wound wonder" was invented by Dr. Robert Burrel and is sold by Smith and Nephew. It was originally developed for people with severe burns and over the years has been used for many other applications, including wounds on horses.

Horse ID Collars and Fetlock ID Band. EquestriSafe products fit large and small horses, and will custom downsize at no charge; if you need to fit a smaller pony/mini or donkey.

The Horse ID Collars and Fetlock ID bands can also be used for your broodmare herd and foals and can be used by equine rescues or shelters. This is an easy way to identify horses with special needs such as feed or supplement requirements, diabetes, founder or other issues that someone might not be aware of that might harm the animal. Shelters can use them to identify the location/property where the animal was removed, and to alert veterinarians of an animal that needs special care or attention. Evacuation teams can use and re-use the collars when an emergency happens in the area to identify the property in which the animal was transported from during an emergency.


Pics from Emergency Training Systems

Stats on barn fires in Canada for species other than horses. Unfortunately they don't keep stats for fires where under 200 souls have perished.

Horse 9-1-1 Fire Preparedness The Connecticut Horse Council

Fire Safety in Horse Barns, and Firehouse Family Novels Laurie Loveman

Frandford Mutual Aid Fire Training Association
LAR Training in Maine


CFS Press
Information about flood and swiftwater rescue for emergency personnel. Asheville, North Carolina. Order Slim Ray's book, Animal Rescue in Flood and Swiftwater Incidents

Wave Trek Rescue
Wave Trek Rescue is a small owner-operated company with a tight knit team of instructors and support staff. Wave Trek Rescue offers a wide variety of swiftwater classes and course offerings throughout Washington and beyond, including Technical Animal Rescue

Sierra Rescue
Sierra Rescue is the California Regional Training Center for Rescue 3 International.
Their classes include Technical Animal Rescue (TAR-SW) a 3 day, swiftwater and flood rescue for animals that meets FEMA requirements, and Technical Animal Rescue (TAR-TR) a 3 day, large animal technical rope rigging class

Rescue Tech International
Kim Little is based out of Montana and teaches Technical Animal Rescue classes around the country

Against the Current
A Rescue 3 International training center in Algonac, Michigan. Training does not include animal classes at present


ASAR SERVICES is dedicated to providing professional and experienced consulting and management services for 1)creation, development, organization and training programs for Animal Search and Rescue teams, 2)professional disaster response for animal needs, 3)professional ASAR Operations disaster management on the ground during actual disaster response. We also work in close partnership with all qualified organizations and agencies involved in disaster relief and livestock/companion animal welfare in order to promote public awareness and preparedness for disasters. Located in Livingston, TX. Warren Craig, Director.Email

Center for Disaster Response
California-based website

Washington State Animal Response Team

Helping animals and their owners in disasters
Tours the country presenting programs focused on preparedness