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Horse Safety Articles

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A couple of visuals you can use as teaching aids. Click small pic to get a larger one.

Here are a couple visuals pulled off the internet.

A Word document CHECKLIST FOR FIRE SAFETY to help you make your stable as safe from fire as possible. Three pages of safety points.

A Word document FENCING SAFETY article about removing your horse from entanglement from Horse Fencing

A one hour introduction to the concepts, philosophies, and methods of TECHNICAL LARGE ANIMAL EMERGENCY RESCUE.

"The intent of this slide set is for TLAER / LAR students who have some training and education in this specialty form of heavy rescue to go out to their local fire departments, emergency responders, veterinary and other groups, and help them understand what LAR is all about.

Posted here are the SLIDES for the introductory presentation, and a separate file of NOTES for the presenter to use with the details on the slides and ideas for the presentation."

Slideshow for TLAER Intro (12.6 mb file) Notes for TLAER Intro (3.6 mb file)


Here's a list from Tomas Gimenez (and friends) on setting priorities when you get your trailer ready for the road this spring.

  • Proper tire pressure on trailer and towing vehicle
  • Check spare tires
  • Check breakaway battery/ install battery charger combination
  • Check condition of brakes in trailer and towing vehicle
  • Clean floor under rubber mats
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Check trailer lights
  • Check adjustment on break controller
  • Check the wiring under the trailer
  • Lubricate all hinges and latches and make sure they work properly
  • Make sure the trailer rides LEVEL
  • Go through your First Aid kit and update
  • Go through your truck's first aid kit and update
  • Update your "ID" sheets for horses (http://www.redjeansink.com/downloads.html)

How to roll a cast horse. Pictures and text. Pictures courtesy of Rebecca Gimenez and Michelle Melaragno of Technical Large Animal Emergency Training program

A 7MB WMV video clip on euthanasia featuring Jennifer Woods.

A document showing a Quick Release Tail Tie. To be used only when necessary and for experts only.

This 3GP video clip on Tail Ties from Jennifer Woods shows in motion what the above describes with pictures and text.

The Wideman Configuration is similar to a Swiss Seat configuration used for rescuing humans. It is especially useful for removing an animal from an enclosed space like a septic tank or well. Click here for details.

NEVER lift a horse by legs, head, or tail.

Rescue of pregnant and lactating mares needs special consideration. Read about it here.

SOPs These SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) come from Jim Green, the Animal Rescue Specialist in Great Britain. These LAR protocol are designed for use in the UK but are effective everywhere. The terminology may need to be changed, but they are a great starting point for developing your own SOPs, and we thank Jim for sharing.

Prakash Gogoi of The Brooke India, recently spoke at the 6th International Colloquium on Working Equids in India. The Brooke, an international animal welfare organization, was founded in 1934.

Prakash spoke on Euthanasia and Hot Firing

Dr. Tomas Gimenez has graciously agreed to share his paper on "Accidental Hypothermia in the Horse. A Review for Emergency Responders". The information is excellent. Please read it.

Another GEM by Dr. Tomas Gimenez. This one is on How to Score Pain in a Horse. It will prove to be very useful for determining the presence and severity of pain in horses.

NEW From Dr. Tomas Gimenez. The Golden Hours in Equine Emergency. This article was published in The Equine Veterinarian. Go to the March/April edition.

The following are articles on horse safety issues.

These articles are small enough to be considered "filler articles", most being under 1000 words in length. You are welcome to use them in your newsletters or magazines, just let the website know. And, please, give credit where it is due. Thanks.

Barn Fire Safety

Safety Around Horses

Trailer Safety

LAR Training