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Save Your Horse!
A Horse Owner's Guide to Large Animal Rescue

This book outlines clear, detailed, and safe procedures that can Save Your Horse!


Contains over 135 photos and illustrations

Now in its Fifth Edition

What would you do if your horse was trapped in an overturned trailer, or fell into a ravine or well?

Incidents such as these need the expertise of Large Animal Rescue training.

Will the men and women who respond to your emergency know what to do to save your horse?

Probably not! About two percent of all emergency responders are trained in Large Animal Rescue.

With the knowledge and procedures detailed in this book, your horse will be given the benefit of tried and tested techniques used by trained large animal rescue professionals.

    You'll learn Step by Step procedures for:

  • Vertical and diagonal lifts and drags
  • Trailer extrications
  • Knot tying
  • Handling trailer rollovers
  • Handling a variety of large animal species
  • Barn fire safety

  • Specialized rescues such as ice, mud, swift water, and helicopter
  • Safe horse handling for emergency responders
  • How to use everyday equipment carried by emergency responders
  • Safe trailer practices for horse owners
  • How to build an equine ambulance
  • How to build your own rescue kit
  • Basic first aid, including splinting
  • Emergency euthanasia
  • Information on trailers, tools and rescue equipment
  • Where to find Large Animal Rescue training

Why should horse owners know about Large Animal Rescue?

It's scary to think that the very people who are trained to care for you in an accident probably don't have the training to help your horse. Most Emergency Responders are not used to handling large animals. Although well meaning, they can inadvertently injure your horse, as well as themselves and bystanders, when trying to help. Not only is Large Animal Rescue not usually covered in their training, it can be downright dangerous in ways they don't understand!

  • Be prepared to help your horse when no one else can
  • Keep a copy of this vital book in your trailer
  • Buy copies for your horse friends as gifts
  • Donate copies to your local firefighters and large animal veterinarians

You'll be glad you did when you need to

Save Your Horse!

Check out a few of the organizations that have copies of this important book at WhoBook.

Listed are organizations from the first three years of publication!

Spread the message that there is technical help available in large animal emergencies.


Buy a copy for your Fire Department and donate it to them!
Save a horse! Save a life! Make the world a better place!


Michelle Staples teaches CPR, CERT (disaster preparedness), Horse Awareness and Safety, Introduction to LAR for Horse Owners, and Emergency First Aid for Pets, and was involved with Standardbred rescue for over 16 years.